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1 hours 21 minutes  

Speed Reading: Your Fast Track Ticket to Knowledge: Speed Reading, Speed Reading Practice, Speed Reading Techniques, Read Faster, Increase your ... Course, Speed Reading Exercises) (Volume 1)
Michael Chapman

Short read

1 hours 24 minutes  

Speed Reading for Beginners: The Essence of Speed Reading and How to Dramatically Enhance It
Cameron Ferguson

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2 hours 43 minutes  

Speed Reading: Speed Reading Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide To Speedreading (Productivity,Increase Reading Speed, Double Reading Speed, Speed Reading for Beginners Book 1)
Gary Scott

Short read

1 hours 36 minutes  

Speed Reading: Learn How to Read and Understand Faster in Just 2 hours
Alex Martin

Short read

1 hours 18 minutes  

Speed Reading: Read Faster Now: A Step By Step Guide To Help You Increase Your Reading Speed
Alexander Lucas

Medium read

5 hours 45 minutes  

Accelerated Learning: How To Learn Any Skill Or Subject, Double Your Reading Spe
James Horton

Too long to read

6 hours 54 minutes  

Breakthrough Rapid Reading
Peter Kump

Short read

1 hours 4 minutes  

Speed Reading: Effortlessly Read Faster With Proven Tips, Tricks, and Techniques (speed reading, effortless reading, reading fundamentals, College Guides, ... Study Skills, Study & Teaching Book 1)
William Frost

Too long to read

7 hours 12 minutes  

Speed Reading For Dummies
Richard Sutz

Short read

2 hours 24 minutes  

Speed Reading: (Beginner’s DO IT YOURSELF): Step by Step Guide on How to double Speed your Reading And Comprehension
Kimberly Brian