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Medium read

5 hours 45 minutes  

Accelerated Learning: How To Learn Any Skill Or Subject, Double Your Reading Spe
James Horton

Short read

43 minutes  

Speed Reading: 25 Practical Tips To Help Increase Your Reading Speed Forever In 24 Hours
Stephen G. Maxwell

Short read

1 hours 48 minutes  

Speed Reading: How to Dramatically Increase Your Reading Speed & Become the Top 1% of Readers - Read Faster, Learn Better, Remember More
Michelle Lawton

Short read

2 hours 39 minutes  

Speed Reading: Dramatically Increase Your Reading Speed and Comprehension Over 300% Overnight With These Quick and Easy Hacks
Michael Wakefield

Short read

1 hours 4 minutes  

Speed Reading: How to Read Faster in 24 Hours & Boost Your Reading Speed up to 300%
Martin Lippmann

Short read

3 hours 3 minutes  

Speed Reading: For Beginners, Learn How To Comprehend And Double Your Reading Speed (prime reading,Productivity) (Volume 1)
Rosalyn Noel

Short read

45 minutes  

Scientific Speed Reading: How to Read 500% Faster in 30 Minutes
George D. Fox

Too long to read

7 hours 12 minutes  

Speed Reading For Dummies
Richard Sutz

Medium read

4 hours 42 minutes  

Unlimited Memory: How to Use Advanced Learning Strategies to Learn Faster, Remember More and be More Productive
Kevin Horsley

Short read

1 hours 33 minutes  

Speed Reading: How To Increase Your Reading Speed And Comprehension
Bryan Botwin